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For many years, since the advent of modern Japan, the Japanese people have adhered to some very specific beauty rituals. These rituals range from daily ritualistic bathing and daily face painting to more elaborate beauty rituals performed by individuals as part of cultural heritage. As globalization advances and the Japanese culture come into the forefront of global life, there has been increasing interest in the Japanese aesthetic beauty and cultural values. In addition, the Japanese people have also taken to the global media and presented their unique fashion sense via television and films. One of the most popular items introduced is the Japanese bomber jacket.

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The Japanese bomber jacket is just like it sounds: a long, sleeve-style coat with pockets. It was designed to be worn in the colder months when the streets are often blocked by heavy snowfall, giving extra protection to the wearer. Although the jacket probably originated in Japan, its styles have been adopted and adapted by many other countries, most commonly in Europe and the United States. Because of their unique look, there are a lot of different designs available in the market today. In this article, we will be showing you a few examples of what to wear with your Japanese bomber jacket.

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A Japanese Manicure, also known as Shiatsu, is an ancient Japanese method of gently buffing natural resources deep into the skin to achieve long, beautiful nails. The main Treatments: The nails are gently buffed using special tools and then the desired natural paste is applied. This natural paste, called “Kuromame,” contains many vitamins and minerals. It is used in many different types of Japanese Manicures. One of these is the famous “Gelade.”

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The Japanese Love Work, Order and Discipline. They don’t like to waste time on unimportant things. The only thing that can distract them is art. Japanese people like to decorate small things.


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Advice from Japan

We have spoken with Daitan from Japan and here is what she says.

Be aware of the length of your sleeves. They may be shorter than you are used to in other countries. Also, consider how your posterior fits.

Daitan Miura

from Tokyo

“Some shops offer ‘free size’ or one-size-fits-all clothing. You should test the clothing on your own to determine if it fits you.”
Eiko Ōta
from Tokyo
“Some shops may only show a sample of the product, so ask staff if they have it. Ask the staff if you’d like to try it on.”
Taka Matsumoto
from Nagoya
“Japanese people are not very friendly if you try on shoes barefoot. Ask the staff and they probably have socks.”
Yoshie Tamura
from Kumamoto

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