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Japan is famous for its amazing culture, artwork and design as well as for its fascinating Tokyo style. This combination of western and eastern elements has produced some truly unique fashion items that are available to consumers everywhere. If you are looking for a refreshing change from typical styles, then Japanese fashion might just suit you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the hottest trends in the country.

One of the most popular trends in Japanese fashion right now is “gae” designs. Gae means “water”, but the “gae” part is taken out because it was already used in the anime and manga series. These days, the “gae” trend is taking on more streetwear-inspired looks in addition to more formal styles. There might not be specific rules to follow in Tokyo fashion. Generally, I suggest you go for the traditional or quirky routes to really have fun. If you are not afraid to try out funky shapes and add neon accents, this new decorating style is ideal for you. Urban Japanese people love to play with patterns and incorporate multiple hues in different patterns to create new looks.

Tonkatsu Tokyo style

The country’s love of temple art has also spilled over to the fashion scene in a big way. The temple design is a staple of Japanese culture and symbolizes a kind of fortune. It can either be in the form of fortune cookies baked with rice filling to symbolize good luck or flower arrangements shaped like lanterns to ward off evil spirits.

Another favorite in the Japanese Ramen diet is Somen or bread cooked in a tonkatsu Tokyo style. Tonkatsu means “three great tastes”: sweet, sour, and salty. Sweet Somen is prepared by deep-frying soft wheat dough in batter to yield a light, fluffy snack. The more common version of this dish uses thin slice of bread with various fillings inside made from vegetables, fish, or cheese. Flavored somen is now gaining ground as more noodle shops offer this delicious fare.

Most popular Japanese noodles

From miso soup to tofu, Somen is versatile and can satisfy any taste buds. One of the most popular Japanese noodles is udon, which originates from the central regions of Japan and is typically spiced with ginger and soy sauce. If you want something spicy, there are plenty of soba dishes to choose from such as shabu-shabu, ginger carrots, and shirataki. With tofu and other flavorful toppings, the soba dish can even become all the rave in your party.

Ramen is also a must-try for those who have ever wondered what exactly is soba that tastes like tofu, ramen comes in several varieties. Shio ramen is a thicker broth that is more like his than regular ramen. As for risk, it is usually served with seafood in a rich brown sauce and is usually served with jello. Both shio and miso ramen are usually served with soba when dining in a restaurant.

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